Sunday, 12 October 2014

Speed up Punjab heritage conservation: Say experts

Chairman of Dilbir Foundation Gunbir Singh addresses a seminar on “Dialogues on legacy conservation-Tangibles” at Bhai Vir Singh Museum in Amritsar on Saturday.

Experts were unanimous in their opinion of accelerating the pace of work on conserving the heritage of the holy city in a seminar held on “Dialogues on legacy conservation-Tangibles”. The seminar was organised by Dilbir Foundation at Bhai Vir Singh Museum.

Speaking on the scenario in Punjab, Namita Jaspal discussed her conservation work at the Golden Temple during the last nine months. Earlier, she scientifically restored the holy robe of Guru Hargobind, the sixth guru, placed at Chohla Sahib Gurdwara.

Another conservationist Gurmeet Rai speaking on policy barriers versus legacy saviours: Solutions thereto, shared her experience of the present conservation scenario. She stressed on the need of generating awareness among the masses about conserving and valuing the heritage.

President of the Dilbir Foundation (DF), Gunbir Singh, said the message of organising the event at the residence of Bhai Veer Singh was to showcase the preservation of his orchard with organic means. “This venue now is a place to bring school students in order to connect them with nature,” he added.

He said a community, a state or a nation stands to gain by caring for their assets as tangible or intangible heritage. “Punjab has an incredible wealth of tradition and values that is simply dissipating.

Fortunately there are still vestiges of our ancient existence still visible at places. The frescos, the Idgahs, the serais, the relics and the archaeological evidences are still heartening,” said Gunbir.

“In tangibles programme, our foundation wishes to work in these areas. Our dialogue today aims at identification and creating roadmaps for restoration and conservation. We have to do our duty as inheritors, and adopt the mission to protect our cultural assets as a fundamental right of our existence,” he added.

Gunbir said the foundation had also alluded to making a restoration plan of Bhai Vir Singh Niwas as a key deliverable of these dialogues.

Neeraj Bagga
Tribune News Service,Amritsar, October 11


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