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Akali Baba Naudh Singh martyrdom site: the stopping place of commuters

Every commuter passing from the martyrdom place of Baba Naudh Singh also known as 'Baba Naudh Singh Di Samadh' situated on Amritsar-TarnTaran road stops for a while to pays his respect to the great martyr who was the deputy chief of Baba Deep Singh, the then chief of Nihang Jatha, Tarna Dal, to make a wish, make offerings and participate in langar.

This goes on all through day and night.

The myth is that Baba Naudh Singh, who had sacrificed his life at the age of around 95 while fighting against Ahmad Shah Abdali's forces at the battleground of Gohalwar village, situated halfway between Amritsar and Tarn Taran, provides shelter to every passerby, especially those driving on the road and helps make their wishes come true. Present deputy chief of Tarn Dal, Baba Gajjan Singh told TOI on Thursday that when Baba Deep Singh and Baba Naudh Singh came to know about Abdali's invasion of Golden temple, they rushed to oust them from Damdama Sahib with a force of 10,000 fighters and the two forces met at Gohalwar.

During the fight to flush out the Abdali's forces, 9,000 Singh's lost their lives before killing the 28,000-strong army of Abdali. "This is the place where Baba Naudh Singh achieved martyrdom," said Baba Gajjan Singh.

Commuters stopping at Gurdwara Baba Naudh Singh

Since time immemorial, the commuters on this road have been stopping here to pay homage to Baba Naudh Singh, seeking his blessings for a safe journey. "Not only people seek blessings of Baba Naudh Singh for their journey, but several of them make wishes and return to offer thanksgiving prayers on fulfilment of their wish," said Baba Gajjan Singh.

Over time, Tarna Dal has erected a big gurdwara in memory of Baba Deep Singh and Baba Naudh Singh and runs a 24 hour langar for the devotees. "We even don't ask for donations but people come and donates as they wish," he said. Mukhtiar Singh, resident of Ferozpur who had arrived on a business tour to Amritsar said, "I come to Amritsar at least 4 to 5 times a month and every time I stop here to seek Baba's blessings for safe journey -- and nothing has gone wrong with me with Baba's blessings," he said. Similarly a bus driver Gurdev Singh said that every time he drives to Fazilka or Abohar, he offer prayers whenever he pass Baba's 'Samadh

Amritsar, Times of India, July 18th 2013


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