Monday, 24 September 2012

Mullock auction: Sikh King's dinner plate to be auctioned in UK

A scarce 19th century Dinner plate used by the last Sikh King Maharajah Duleep Singh of the Punjab will be auctioned later this month at British Auction House Mullock's. Commissioned for the Maharajah by Minton the plate measures 23cm in diameter, embellished in Gold, it's expected to fetch between 2000 - 3000 GBP.

Maharaja Duleep Singh was the last Maharajah of the Sikh Empire. He was the youngest son of the legendary “Lion of the Punjab” Ranjit Singh and Jind Kaur and came to power after a series of intrigues, in which several other claimants to the throne and to the Kooh-i-Noor diamond, killed each other.

Dalip Singh was much admired by Queen Victoria , who is reported to have written of the Punjabi maharajah "Those eyes and those teeth are too beautiful".The Queen was godmother to several of his children. Specialist Richard West-Wood Brookes said " We are excited about this sale, Duleep Singh remains a very important figure in British and Indian History"The sale will also include several artifacts relating to India and the Punjab ranging from miniature paintings , objects and historical documents.

Other items for sale include a manuscript decsribed as the Sakhis: India and the Punjab18th century Sikh Manuscript of ‘Sakhis’. An old bound antique handwritten volume of the stories of the Sikh Gurus written in Gurmukhi known as Sakhis approx 700 pages. Paper label to spines states ‘Sau Sakhis’ original cloth bound.

There are numerous documents and books related to the Punjab and the Sikhs. There are is also Sikh weapons and other military related relics. This includes: India pair of British Sikh Military Lances – 19th century. A rare pair of Lances of the Sikh Bengal Lancers c1880-1900. Bamboo shafted lances with red and white pennants and spear head terminals approximately 280cm high. A large number of Sikhs were drafted into the British army after the annexation of the Punjab in 1849.  Provenance – from a military collection of South of England.

The sale will take place on 27th September at Mullock's auction house.

Visit the Mullock auction site below:


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