Sunday, 19 August 2012

Funds approved for repair of Mukt-e-Minar

The memorial in Muktsar

The state government has agreed to repair Sikh memorial Mukt-e-Minar, that has the world’s tallest ‘khanda’, and the four gates constructed in memory of the 40 Muktas on the city outskirts.

Deputy Commissioner Paramjit Singh said a proposal sent to the higher-ups for funds to repair the monuments had been finally approved.

“A sum of Rs 2.34 lakh has been sanctioned to restore the glory of these monuments,” the DC said.

Mukt-e-Minar, adjacent to the District Administrative Complex, was built at a cost of Rs 5 crore in February 2005. The rings round the “khanda” have rusted. The gates built in memory of the “muktas” have been defaced.

Tribune News Service, Muktsar, August 18

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