Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bronze word war 2 statue in Italy

This is the first monument in Europe in the Bronze lost wax cast at the Foundry Artistic Fracaro Arte of Vicenza, dedicated to the Sikh soldiers who fell in World War II. It is located at Forlia Indian War cemmetry in Vicenza.

It was created by sculptor Stefan Popdimitrov on the 13th August 2011.
Stefan is part of the team: Fonderia Artistica Fracaro Arte Italia ( Artistic Foundry Fracaro Arte Italy) . Fracaro Art is a a company known and respected in the world capable of performing any type of casting without limitation. 
See the following pictures of the incredible bronze World War 2 Statue. 

The statue was based on a series of sketches before the actual sculpture was made. 

Stefan with the work in progress

The statue as it is now. 

Intricate detail with Sikh Insignia: the Khanda.

See the video of the how the sculpture was made:

All photos and videos courtesy of : Foundry Artistic Fracaro Arte


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