Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Maharaja Ranjit Singh hill in Rupnagar to be renovated

Maharaja Ranjit Singh hill in Rupnagar to be renovated

The historic hill where Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s force had set up a surveillance post during his meeting with the then British Governor General Lord William Bentick in 1831 will be developed into a tourist spot.
The announcement was made by the Rupnagar MLA Dr.Daljit Singh Cheema  who said that he would take up the matter with the chief minister.

The hill which is on the verge of extinction had come into limelight a few years ago when the adjoining Swaraj Mazda plant owners had started leveling the historic hill for their own use owing to its neglected state.
But the project was stalled after a hue and cry from the activists.

Back then the company had even proposed to build it into a tourist spot in collaboration with the state government, but the plan never took off.

Day and Night News, Wednesday, May 9, 2012,


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