Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Nihang, and the Falcon of the Guru

For Gurmukh, his falcon is Guru Gobind's blessing

GILL ROAD: Gurmukh Singh, 25, of Gill Road, Ludhiana following the family tradition of Nihang Sikhs wears the blue dress of Nihangs. However, what has made him popular is the falcon that he carries along with him wherever he goes. He treats this falcon as a blessing of Guru Gobind Singh.

Gurmukh said, ''In December 2011, when I went to pay obeisance at Anandpur Sahib I found the falcon entangled by a thread on a tree. I climbed the tree and brought it down. I nursed it to health. The bird has a lot of importance in Sikh religion as Guru Gobind Singh used to carry this bird.'' He adds, ''As soon as the bird recovered, I set it free but it came back to me. And since then it has been with me.''

In the business of making swords and other arms, Gurmukh adds, ''The bird is my lucky charm and goes with me wherever I go. And back home also it tags along with me everywhere - when I rest in my bedroom it also rests on the cupboard nearby.'' He said, ''The bird only eats flesh. When I go to Alamgir Sahib and other gurudwaras, along with it, people gather around me and click pictures.'' ''Guru Gobind Singh had asked all Sikhs to keep this bird as they are lucky,'' said Gurmukh's father Jathedar Pippal Singh, who belongs to Misl Shaheedan Tarna Dal. ''I will always keep this bird with me. I will not bind it to stay with me and in case it flies away on its own I will not stop him,'' added Gurmukh.

Vaivasvat Venkat, TNN Apr 14, 2012


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