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Mullocks Punjab and Sikh sale March 2012

This March 2012 Mullocks Auction House is offering numerous Sikh and Punjab items for sale.

 Guru Nanak rare image of the Guru printed on red cloth possibly antique velvet approx 30x25cm.

Since last year Mullocks has offered a number of interesting items related to the Punjab, including rare documents, books, manuscripts and other important artifacts.This time round there are several maps as well as numerous documents related to the Punjab, including documents on Maharajah Duleep Singh as well as intelligence reports by the British together with several books. For the first time there is also a selection of Shastars including a Tegha and a Baghnagh.

Some interesting pieces are again available including several paintings. One of these includes, Historic painting of the Holiest Sikh Shrine the Golden Temple in Amritsar c1850s from the sketch album of Lieut J S Jollife of the RMA East India Company. Watercolour measures 35cm by 26cm.Provenance – Scottish Collection.

The Mullocks entry for a Gurmukhi manuscript states"A Punjab school manuscript approx 300 pages. Written in the Sikh script appears to be a Hindu (Indian) epic. Disbound wear loose from spine some pages stuck together – need of repair. Handwritten in black and red ink with gold decoration. The first page is illuminated. Approx 300 pages." The first folio actually appears to show it as being the Hanuman Natak, many copies of these are available in the Gurmukhi script which shows the popularity of this manuscript.

A rare stereo view photo of Sikh Soldiers circa 1914. A highly scarce image of Sikh soldiers in traditional dress reciting hymns – c1914-1915 France during the Great War. Measures 7 inches x 3.5 inches titled – ‘Sihks singing religious chats outside their billets’. The central figure can be clearly seen reading from a Sikh prayer book also known as Gutka. Over 138000 Sikh soldiers fought in France and Belgium during World War 1. 

Punjab: A large portrait of a Sikh Guru on horseback with attendants. Circa early to mid 20th century. Framed measures 45cm by 30cm. The Tenth Guru is see holding a falcon and wearing his Plume(Kalgi) followed by his Khalsa.

One early map is the Bonne Map – Sikh 1780 Punjab. A rare early (1780) engraved map of India by cartographer Rigobert Bonne. Hand coloured this map is the first known map to recognize Sikh Misl territory in the Punjab/Lahore region. The word Schiecks on the map refers to the Sikhs.

There are also many items unsold from previous Mullocks sales which are being made available for sale.
The sale takes place on Thursday 8th March 2012 at 1pm.

The Clive Pavilion, Ludlow Racecourse, Bromfield, Shropshire SY8 2BT

Visit: for more information.

If you are the winning buyer of any of these items contact Sikh Nugget and share your experience with us.


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