Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab exhibition

"Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab" is now on display at the Fresno Art Museum.
 Depiction of the Ten Gurus

 Replica of Harimandir Sahib 

The Fresno Art Museum in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution is celebrating the opening of a new exhibition “Sikhs: Legacy of the Punjab”, on January 19th. The exhibition presents Sikh artwork and artifacts produced from the 18th century to the present, including miniature paintings; arms and armor; traditional textiles and dress; coins; musical instruments; sacred texts; and modern works of art. It also includes a scale model of the Darbar Sahib (commonly referred to as the “Golden Temple”), a Sikh sacred space at Amritsar, India.

It features hundreds of items of Sikh heritage and culture. It also includes information about the Sikh religion and history of the Sikhs -- a people originally from the Punjab region who are known today as Northern India and Pakistan.

Start Date:January 19, 2012
End Date:April 30, 2012



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