Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Dr Leyden Panjabi/Sikh translations website

The Panjab Cultural Association(PCA) UK have released the website on the translations of Dr John Leyden. Dr Leyden who was a linguist and translator had gone to India in 1805 and started working on translating several Indian works amongst them was the works related to the Panjab. These texts are now in the British Library in the UK.

The PCA have spent over two years in putting together the project to bring the translations of Dr Leyden into the open. On the 27th November in Leicester, Sikh historian Gurinder Singh Mann gave a lecture on the translations and the project. Mann had discovered the Prem Sumarag translations in the last decade.

The website covers the life of Dr Leyden and the translations of the works including Sri Bachitra Natak and the Prem Sumarag Granth.

The website can be accessed at

The booklet is now available at

The Panjab Cultural Association website:

See earlier report: The Lost British Accounts of Sikh texts: Lecture report.


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