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More Sikh and Punjab artefacts on Sale at Mullocks

Another Mulllocks auction of Sikh and Punjab artefacts shows the British motivations of manipulating the boy King Maharajah Duleep Singh.

The highlight of the Sale is the personal prayer book of Maharajah Duleep Singh. Titled : SACRED HYMNS FROM THE GERMAN Translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox with an ownership inscription of the Maharajah, signed ‘Duleep Singh’ and reference ‘D.15’ refering to library of the Maharajah is expected to fetch £6000 - £8000.

The British annexed the Punjab in controversial circumstances, forcing the surrender of the famed Koh-i-Noor diamond along with other items of Duleep Singh's treasury. The Maharajah was Anglicised in every respect, heavily exposed to Christian texts under the tutelage of his guardian Sir John Login, he was cut from all his Sikh associations. The prayer book is a poignant reminder of how intensely the East India Company had worked to brainwash the young Maharajah to give up his religion, roots and homeland.
Important documents from the Sir John Login collection are also set for auction, these provide a fascinating insight into the early life of the deposed Sikh King. A fine portrait in the European manner of the boy Maharajah carries an estimate of £1500 - £2000.

Maharajah Duleep Singh 10 Letters – Fascinating account of the early life of Maharajah Duleep Singh. A group of 10 letters and documents relating to Maharajah Duleep Singh in regards to the discharge of his Sir John Login as the Maharajah’s guardian and retirement from service. Some letters embossed with stamp of East India House include one dated 1st December 1858 states’ I am instructed to inform you in reply that Lord Stanley fully appreciating the very conscientious and efficient manner in which you discharged your duties as the Guardian of the Maharajah Duleep Singh...’ Letter dated 21st April 1858 referring to Duleep Singh’s letter requesting that ‘the sum of CRs 833.5.4 

Important memorandum to Duleep Singh having a Christian heir A most controversial four page Confidential Memorandum for Maharaja Duleep Singh c1854 addressing his duty as a Christian.

 Another notable artefact is a highly important and rare 19th century statue of Maharajah Ranjit Singh circa 19th century – Lahore. A classic depiction of the Maharajah seated holding rosary beads showing one of his eyes closed up (this was due to small pox at a young age).

Other notable pieces include an early company school painting of Maharajah Sher Singh (ex-collection of Arthur Onslow) expected to fetch £1500 - £2000 , a gold Mohur from the Sikh empire, an antique model of the famous Bhangi Misl Cannon, a book on the Sikh court by Alexis Soltykoff, a fine British painting of a Akali Nihung, a statue of the Maharajah Ranjit Singh, a letter in French by Jean Francois Allard who was the general of the Sikh army and a number of 19th century photographs and illustrations - including a rare glass slide of Kartarpur Gurdwara (c.1870), the earliest known view of the site commemorating where Guru Nanak Ji breathed his last.

 Portrait of a Sikh Guru Gobind Singh on Horseback An antique watercolor. Measures 27cm by 21cm

" We are honoured to auction these highly significant pieces, a large number concerning the Sikhs, which were brought back by the British after the annexation of Punjab in 1849. The British have the upmost respect for the Sikhs not to mention the most fiercest martial race they had ever encountered and these relics are a testimony to this"said Mullocks Specialist Richard Westwood Brookes.

According to Sikh historian Gurinder Singh Mann, "some of these rare artefacts shows the plethora of relics which exist in private collections throughout the UK, They are slowly coming to the surface in auctions like that of Mullocks", 

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