Thursday, 7 April 2011

Khalsa Weapon of War

The performance of Sukhdev Singh amazed spectators as he came on stage with innovative ‘Sikh war tool’ that shoots 12 arrows without loading it again. A disciple of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Gatka Akhara, Sukhdev was taking part in the first district-level ‘gatka’ competition at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College. Seven teams from various ‘akharas’ took part.

He targeted a cardboard placed at a distance of around 20 metres and hisd plastic arrows knocked the board as effectively as a bullet.

Sukhdev said, “This is one of the ancient arms that Sikhs used in war. It has a magazine fitted over the wooden body.”
Telling how to operate it, he said, “The operator needs to stretch his legs to hold it in both hands like a camera. He loads arrows and presses the trigger.”

Ludhiana, Punjab, Sikhsangat News, April 6th 201


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