Friday, 14 May 2010

Banda coin is ‘not a replica’

A replica of the original coin released by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur in 1710 to mark Sirhind Fateh Diwas; and (right) the commemorative silver coin released by the SGPC.
A controversy over the authenticity of the commemorative coin released by the SGPC to mark the tercentenary celebrations of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur’s Sirhind Fateh Divas has surfaced with a member of the apex Sikh body pointing that it was not a replica of the first coin released by the great soldier in 1710.

Not only the authenticity, SGPC member Hardeep Singh, while addressing a press conference here said elitist colour had been added to the occasion by releasing the gold and silver coins that many cannot afford.

Apparently pointing to the SGPC’s name embossed on the gold and silver coin, he said, “Unlike the SGPC coins that have stamp of the apex Sikh body, the original coin has just ‘farsi’ language embossed on it and did not mention name of the issuing authority.

“While the great martyr and his brave soldiers fought the decisive battle to defeat the formidable army of the Governor of Sirhind Wazir Khan, to ameliorate the plight of the masses, the SGPC seems to have forget the common man, while releasing the commemorative coin”, said Hardeep.

He claimed that it had been pointed out to the Chief Minister and the SGPC President to release a replica of the original coin, so that the historic importance of the event could be commemorated.

Tribune News Service, Sirhind Fateh Diwas, Mohali, May 14


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