Monday, 21 December 2009

Granths and Weapons on display

Ravinder Singh Robin, Amritsar, ANI, Dec.21 :

A collection of olden handwritten miniature manuscripts, replicas of Sikh weapons, and treasured photographs of the Sikh gurus and warriors has been put on public display here.

The Chief Khalsa Diwan, the oldest and respectable socio-religious organization of the Sikhs, has organized the exhibition. Established in 1902, it has made commendable contribution in promoting Sikh culture and served the nation and community in the field of education since its formation.

The exhibition is intended to let new generation be aware about the old Sikh culture and customs.

The weapons used in various battles by the Sikh Gurus and warriors and also mentioned in Sikh holy books, have been kept in the exhibition. Besides Chief Khalsa Diwan has also exhibited the old handwritten Sikh scriptures.

About 80 types of weapons especially manufactured from Patiala and more are expected to be include in the upcoming museum of Chief Khalsa Diwan. The organization intends to set up the museum for the references for the scholars who want to study Sikh culture and custom.

The Diwan also set up an old Sikh music instrumental museum in the premises of the central Orphanage of Chief Khalsa Diwan.

'We are doing this effort to showcase the Sikh way of life, culture, customs and traditions to increase awareness of the Sikh culture among the new generation who has been attracting more to the western culture, said Bhag Singh Ankhi, honorary secretary of the Chief Khalsa Diwan.

It is important for us young born Sikhs to realize our own full potential and to rise above petty disputes and to follow a path given to us by our Guru's and to feel part of a community, said he.

Such exhibition rally educate about the glory of Sikh culture, customs and there should be more exhibitions organized in Punjab and out of Punjab said, one of the visitors.


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