Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Durbar Sahib Parkarma gets facelift

Varinder Singh, Tribune News Service, Amritsar, December 2
The repair of the verandah ceiling, along with the in the Golden Temple complex, has finally reached the completion stage with a number of artistes and workers giving finishing touches to the painting and repair jobs at the place.

Similarly, experts working on the restoration and repair of the Darshani Deori (main entrance to the sanctum sanctorum) were also busy winding up the work, which had taken off in July this year. The daunting task of the repair of the verandah encircling the Parkarma, particularly the replacement of its more than 50-year-old ceiling, was started by the SGPC on April 4, 2007, with active participation of Baba Harbans Singh “Delhi Wale” and his followers. The pillars of the verandahs have also been repaired.

“The workers are now giving only final touches to the repair of the verandahs. The same is the case with the Darshani Deodhi where the plastering process of the walls is almost complete. The only task now left is that of the restoration of murals and paintings,” said Bhai Ram Singh, a senior SGPC official.

While new concrete grills have been affixed to the parapet of the verandahs and the paint work was about to reach its final stage, special care was being undertaken by the experts to ensure the complete restoration of the Darshani Deodhi from its heritage point of view.


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